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Press release: launch of EcoCook®

2019-03-05T16:05:29+02:00Wednesday 25 November 2015|Press Releases|

EcoCook® is the program and certificate of excellence and sustainable practices for the food industry. As it has become necessary to include sustainable development in the food industry, the firm Biolia and its team have developed a unique, comprehensive program on an international scale. That is: EcoCook®, a certificate for implementing, promoting and guaranteeing excellence

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2019-03-05T16:05:37+02:00Sunday 22 November 2015|Press Releases|

Additional information Video of the interview with Mr. Meystre : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iuha8rlQsiU&feature=youtu.be Macro-economic elements The food sector, which is particularly energy-intensive, adds to planet warming. The b (hotels- food industry) sector represents 6% of global environmental impacts. Better water and energy management within the HORECA sector could mean a 20% saving. The main problems facing