Sustainability as a fundamental value for the Geneva Hospitality School and its gastronomic restaurant Le Vieux-Bois

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« For the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, the certification certifies their practices and their education values » Download PDF    

Ecocook® at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève

2019-03-01T14:31:56+01:00Friday 3 March 2017|Press|

The Gastronomic restaurant « Vieux-Bois » from the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève is the first restaurant in the world to be certified Sustainable Restaurant Ecocook, Level 3 : The Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program Ecocook is an innovative concept easy to apply, thanks to a program that leads to the Ecocook certification recognising the efforts accomplished in terms of

Sustainable Restaurant Certificate

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A promising Sustainable Restaurant Certificate March 16th 2016 LABEL In order to respond to the challenges associated with food, traceability and energy consumption in this sector, a young business woman from Vaud has created ECOCOOK®, a program and certificate aimed at the food industry. GastroVaud was attracted by the idea and it has tested the

When the food industry turns organic

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When the food industry turns organic March 4th 2016 It is called ECOCOOK, the new tool aimed at the food industry. Its philosophy is to achieve a 20 to 60% reduction in water consumption costs, guaranteeing sustainable practices on every operational and management level. Consumers are increasingly more sensitive to sustainable development, and product quality

GastroVaud release

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To reduce costs, risks and the environmental impact: the ECOCOOK® program! Consumers are always very sensitive to issues regarding sustainable development, quality and product traceability. Through the ECOCOOK® program, the HoReCa sector now has a tool tested by GastroVaud, a source of savings and benefits in terms of corporate image. Developed by and for professionals

Le Prêt-à-Manger certifies itself ECOCOOK®

2019-03-05T16:25:05+01:00Monday 25 January 2016|Certifications, Press|

The program and certificate of excellence and sustainability for the food industry We are proud to announce that "Prêt-à-Manger" in the international airport in Geneva (AIG), part of the Gilles Desplanches Group, is the first Geneva organization to acquire the ECOCOOK green leaflet! Our sincerest congratulations! Thanks to this certificate, "Prêt-à-Manger" makes us part of

La Pinte Vaudoise restaurant is ECOCOOK® certified.

2019-03-01T14:32:01+01:00Monday 25 January 2016|Press|

The program and certificate of excellence and sustainability for the food industry We are proud to announce that La Pinte Vaudoise, the GastroVaud training restaurant, the largest professional hotel and food industry association in Swiss Romandy (French-speaking part), has received the ECOCOOK certificate, a label of excellence and sustainability! Thanks to this certificate, La Pinte

A chemist challenges the restaurants to “écocook”

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Published in Tribune de Genève and in 24heures by Gilles Simond. Image: Vanessa Cardoso Portrait. Olivia Grebler has presented her concept to the École Hôtelière de Genève. She has been invited by Harvard Topelement identity card Born on 17 March 1981 in Barcelona Five important dates 2001 She leaves Spain to study in the US.

ECOCOOK in GastroJournal

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ECOCOOK®, a new sustainable label for the food industry that really stands out Certificate of good practices Published by Romain Wanner in GastroJournal. Sustainable development is scary. And until now, there was nothing to acknowledge the efforts made by the food industry. For the first time in Switzerland, a label appears on the market for

ECOCOOK in 24 heures

2019-03-01T14:32:05+01:00Wednesday 25 November 2015|Press|

La Pinte Vaudoise receives the new ECOCOOK® sustainability label. Food industry. The GastroVaud exemplary establishment is one of the first in Switzerland. The association supports the promotion of this certification. Published by Jérôme Ducret in 24heures If we believe women who pioneered it, the ECOCOOK® label is the world’s first sustainability certification in the hotel

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