1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself, your background?

« I am from Lausanne. I walked around the Greater Lausanne, I lived at Mont, Servion and Cugy for example.
I completed my professional education and obtained my CFC in a company that works in relocation domain and then worked in organizations such as the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Bata or the International Boxing Federation, as an executive assistant.
In 2013, we started the family project with Hotel 46a & Restaurant that I have opened and managed since.
I have taken over the presidency of GastroLausanne and the vice-presidency of the PLR Lausanne in 2018. »

2. What changes have you observed over the years in terms of habits and interest in sustainability?

« When I worked at Bata my French and Italian colleagues did not sort their waste.
Here at the local level, I have always sorted, we have been sensitized since school, but Switzerland is a small Elite country that follows these issues.
I also remember my trip to Rome where we started sorting glass and it was in 2012! For them, it was surprising to have to sort the glass from the garbage.
In our country, waste sorting has been an established practice since the 1980s and we will continue in this direction. »

3. Why are you concerned about sustainability?

« We can have nothing, if we don’t have Mother Nature.
Everything we have in our hands and everything we use comes in one way or another from the earth.

Efforts must be made at all levels. In terms of packaging for example; I was delivered by a caterer not long ago, the dishes were very good, but for 1 soup, 1 dish of noodles, 1 portion of ravioli, I received 10 plastic packages! »

4. Will all this plastic waste prevent you to order in this restaurant?

« I only get delivered very rarely. Next time I’m going to ask them to use an alternative like putting everything in reusable boxes and ask the delivery person to wait 2 minutes for me to put everything into my plates and return the packaging.»


5. Why did you choose EcoCook?

« Because it is important to promote a label that sensitize tenants who do not have the knowledge about sustainability, and at the same time to inform the consumer. As a bonus, a woman entrepreneur founded the program! »

6. How did you experience this initial audit in terms of organization and time spent?

« Perfect.
Very well organized, the time spent was exactly what had been planned. »

7. Was the diagnostic report useful? Was it easy to understand?

« Useful yes.
With regard to the ease of reading and understanding, I appreciated the presence of the consultant who helped me to understand the report well.  »


Note from the EcoCook team: Susan Sax’s testimonial allowed us to modify the structure of our diagnostic report and simplify the information provided.


8. Have you implemented some of the proposed recommendations? Or will you implement some of them?

« Yes, we have put in some of them, such as replacing individual sugar portions by sugar shakers, as well as eliminating disposable paper placemats. And we intend to continue in this direction because it represents huge savings for the wallet and for the planet. Our next action, we hope, will be the installation of a rainwater harvesting system. »

9. How do you think your customers will perceive the fact that you have joined the EcoCook sustainable restaurant program?

« For those involved, they will be very happy. For those who are not interested, they will not notice our commitment. »

10. What proportion of your customers pay attention to this?

« For breakfast, our guests are very receptive. They show it to us in our morning exchanges, or even through the comments and online messages we receive. They are very often related to sustainability and our commitment. We can say at least half of our customers are sensitive to the environment and sustainability. »

11. Do you want to be certified? Why yes or why not?

« I think yes.
It’s more of an economic issue. »


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