The kitchen of BG Gastronomie in Bossonnens, specialised in collective catering, is certified EcoCook® Restaurant Durable level 3 (v2020), thus showing its commitment to sustainability.

BG Gastronomie, founded in 2008, specialises in school catering. All of their kitchens prepare nearly 4000 meals every day. Recognised in the canton of Fribourg and the Vaud region as a reference in the sector, they deliver to all their customers in less than 30 minutes!

EcoCook® is the first and only Swiss certification in the restaurant sector that recognises the sustainable practices of a restaurant at all levels. For consumers, EcoCook® is above all a guarantee of these practices and commitments to sustainability.

The EcoCook® team, composed of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “EcoCook® Restaurant Sustainability Certification Programme”, which allows restaurant owners to :

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impact
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Differentiate themselves

The online platform of the EcoCook® Restaurant Sustainability certification programme provides a global overview of the sustainability level of each establishment at any time. Above, the scores of the kitchen of BG Gastronomie in Bossonnens (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

This catering service meets a large number of sustainability criteria, which is why it has achieved level 3 certification (v2020), although there is still potential for improvement in each certification area.

Below is an overview of the sustainable actions of BG Gastronomie’s kitchen in Bossonnens.

Food and drink, Menus and cooking

  • Endangered species and genetically modified organisms are excluded.

  • 94% of the fish and seafood is MSC or ASC certified.

  • 62% of the food products are Swiss, including:

    • 98% of the dairy products are of Swiss origin and 80% are from the region
    • 79% of dairy products are IP-Suisse labelled
    • 93% of meat is of Swiss origin,
    • 64% of fruit and vegetables are of Swiss origin and 52% from the region,
    • 58% of oils, condiments and spices are Swiss.
  • 75% of the food products correspond to EcoCook’s home-made criteria.

  • A large part of our fruit and vegetable purchases are in season (70%).

  • Food purchases are primarily plant-based (60%) and the kitchen plans to increase this share through 2023.

  • The catering service minimises the risk of contamination through its application of HACCP standards.

  • The menus do not contain fried food.

  • An alternative vegetarian menu is offered every day.

  • BG Gastronomie has signed the Fribourg Collective Catering Charter “Cuisinons notre Région” (Let’s cook our region) and is committed to maximising the value of regional products as well as sustainable food products (organic or integrated agriculture, local and seasonal fruit and vegetables, MSC-labelled sustainable fishing products, imported fair trade products, products that respect animal welfare) and to promoting health through a healthy diet rich in fresh, non-industrially-prepared products.

  • A programme to improve food purchasing and menus has been defined, including an increase in the proportion of plant-based products and an organic menu offer, among others.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication and Social Responsability

  • The catering service communicates its sustainability policy and commitments in its Sustainability Charter.

  • A dedicated sustainability task force has been appointed.

  • The catering service is committed to involving management, staff, suppliers and customers in its sustainability objectives.

  • The staff received training in good sustainable practices in September 2021.

  • BG Gastronomie has a recruitment policy that encourages diversity, equity and social inclusion and promotes professional integration by offering internship and apprenticeship positions.

  • The catering service guarantees pay equity and family-work balance.

  • An employee satisfaction survey will be carried out annually and the results will be accompanied by measures for improvement.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources, Products and Materials

  • The kitchen has set up a monthly register and a plan to reduce its water and energy consumption.

  • The energy consumed is 100% renewable and regional.

  • The heating system is efficient thanks to the reuse of waste heat from the cooling unit.

  • 88% of the cleaning products are biodegradable and ecological.

  • The kitchen does not use bleach-based products.

Déchets, Compensations et donations

Waste, Compensation and Donations

  • A monthly register and a plan to reduce the waste generated have been put in place.

  • Organic waste is processed into biomethanisation for the production of renewable energy.

  • Various donations are made each year for social aid projects to local associations.