We present our first video: Welcome to the great EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant revolution!

2020-06-15T17:45:24+02:00Tuesday 16 June 2020|News, Press Releases|

We are going through difficult times, the current situation is complex and delicate. But we also believe this is a wonderful opportunity to start again with good sustainable practices and healthy cooking. We need to start living and acting both individually and collectively differently.That is why we present you the EcoCook video where we project

Does the Covid-19 pandemic have any positive consequences?

2020-05-19T16:28:22+02:00Tuesday 19 May 2020|News|

The Covid-19 pandemic has already cost more than 250'000 lives worldwide (1). This scourge has not only created a global health crisis but has also disrupted the functioning of our society, our economy and our way of life. However, can we identify any positive sides to this pandemic? Some aspects suggest that it could bring

To all population: The Challenge to save restaurant sector

2020-05-20T11:32:42+02:00Friday 10 April 2020|News, Recette durable|

Pour continuer à soutenir tous les restaurateurs et aussi à rapprocher les amateurs de la cuisine en ces temps difficiles nous allons tirer au sort 5 accès gratuits à notre plateforme en ligne d'auto-évaluation et certification EcoCook Restaurant Durable.

The restaurants of Santander Group City achieve the “Michelin Star of Sustainability”, the EcoCook® certification.

2020-02-17T16:34:08+01:00Monday 17 February 2020|Press|

This distinction awarded to Banco Santander certifies that Sodexo's restaurant services in the Financial City offer a balanced and healthy diet in the 5 700 meals served daily.

Food waste

2019-12-17T13:17:30+01:00Monday 16 December 2019|News|

During this holiday season, we tend to buy and produce too much! This often results in tons of plastic bags, gift wrap, boxes, etc., that will be thrown away. Food surpluses represent a significant part of this waste.EcoCook takes this opportunity to focus on the problem of food waste.

Interview to Mrs Susan Sax, Vidy Lunch Café director and GastroLausanne president

2019-12-11T12:14:31+01:00Wednesday 11 December 2019|Testimonials|

1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself, your background? « I am from Lausanne. I walked around the Greater Lausanne, I lived at Mont, Servion and Cugy for example. I completed my professional education and obtained my CFC in a company that works in relocation domain and then worked in organizations such

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