What is sustainable foodservice?

2021-03-16T19:38:59+01:00Thursday 18 March 2021|News|

The concept of “sustainability” was born in the 1990s. It aims to reconcile economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Food is the sector with the greatest impact on our environment: 28% compared to mobility and construction. On the other hand, our society has

New trends

2021-03-10T12:21:01+01:00Friday 5 February 2021|News|

Global statistics show that people are more concerned about the impact of food on their health and well-being. We can also notice a growing interest in the environmental impact of everyday actions such as drinking a cup of coffee, driving a car/airplane, buying animal food or processed or highly processed foods, etc. These concerns

EcoCook Silver, Gold, Platinium and the new version of the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certification

2020-11-26T10:48:37+01:00Thursday 26 November 2020|News|

Who will be the first restaurant to achieve EcoCook Silver, EcoCook Gold and EcoCook Platinium certification? Today, we are extremely happy to share with you the new version of the EcoCook certification! The REVOLUTIONARY Sustainable Restaurant Certification!

Swiss (French speaking region) public tenders: 5/5 for companies certified EcoCook N2 or more

2020-09-09T18:25:52+02:00Wednesday 9 September 2020|Certifications, News|

Dear « EcoCook-Angels, Partners, and Friends ». Following the launch of our first Corporate video in June, we are extremely happy to share some wonderful news with you.

We present our first video: Welcome to the great EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant revolution!

2020-06-15T17:45:24+02:00Tuesday 16 June 2020|News, Press Releases|

We are going through difficult times, the current situation is complex and delicate. But we also believe this is a wonderful opportunity to start again with good sustainable practices and healthy cooking. We need to start living and acting both individually and collectively differently.That is why we present you the EcoCook video where we project

Does the Covid-19 pandemic have any positive consequences?

2020-05-19T16:28:22+02:00Tuesday 19 May 2020|News|

The Covid-19 pandemic has already cost more than 250'000 lives worldwide (1). This scourge has not only created a global health crisis but has also disrupted the functioning of our society, our economy and our way of life. However, can we identify any positive sides to this pandemic? Some aspects suggest that it could bring

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