The kitchen in Puidoux, Crissier, Leysin and the urban CROC restaurant

For more than 27 years, Concordance has specialized in the production and delivery of hot and cold meals for children, adults and seniors and also offers catering services.

Its customers are mainly schools, day-care centers, companies, EMS and social medical centers in charge of delivering meals at home.

Concordance offers healthy, varied and balanced meals, elaborated according to the “Fourchette Verte” criteria, taking into account the specific needs of its consumers.

Its 4 production kitchens are ISO22’000 certified, a guarantee of irreproachable food safety.

In order to diversify its activities, a restaurant was created in January 2016, the urban CROC. Located in the Verney industrial zone in Puidoux, the urban CROC has been specially designed to offer, during the lunch break, a healthy and varied catering in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant can accommodate about 50 people and offers an original menu that changes every week, and attractive menus at reasonable prices. A take-away service is also available with a 10% discount on orders. The restaurant also received the official “Fait Maison” label in November 2017.

The kitchen in Puidoux (producing approximately 2,500 meals per day) and the urban CROC joined the EcoCook® program in November 2017. One year later, the kitchen in Crissier (producing approximately 1,800 meals per day) was certified level 3.

At the re-certification on November 26, 2020, the kitchen in Puidoux and the urban CROC achieved the 4th level of EcoCook® certification, the highest distinction of our program in terms of sustainability. This ultimate level of certification recognises and guarantees good working practices and sustainability within the kitchens.

The company was not going to stop there and on November 24, 2020 their kitchen in Leysin was awarded EcoCook® certification, also with 4 sheets.

The Crissier kitchen renewed its EcoCook® certification on 26 October 2021 and was also awarded the 4th level.

The credit goes to the management, employees and chefs who work hard every day to prepare good meals, using primarily local, fresh and seasonal products in an environmentally friendly kitchen.

Team of the production kitchen in Puidoux

Team of the production kitchen in Crissier

Team of the production kitchen in Leysin.

Le restaurant urban CROC et son équipe.

Office and urban CROC team.

EcoCook® is the only Swiss certification for the catering sector that recognizes the sustainable practices at all levels. For customers, EcoCook® is a guarantee of these practices and commitments in terms of sustainability.

The EcoCook team made up of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program” that allows restaurants to:

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impacts
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Distinguish themselves

Discover below the results of the certification of the production kitchens in Puidoux, Crissier, Leysin and the urban CROC restaurant, certified EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant (v2020).

The kitchen in Puidoux

The online platform provides a comprehensive overview of the establishment’s sustainability level at any time. Above are the scores of the production kitchen in Puidoux (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

The kitchen in Crissier

Above are the scores of the production kitchen in Crissier (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

The kitchen in Leysin

Above are the scores of the production kitchen in Leysin (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

Urban CROC restaurant

Above are the scores of the urban CROC restaurant (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

The Concordance society’s sustainable practices and commitments to the environment and people’s health are briefly summarized below.

Food and Beverages; Menus and Cooking

  • The production kitchens in Puidoux, Crissier, Leysin and the urban CROC restaurant use seasonal fruit and vegetables (+60%) and unprocessed food products (+50%) to prepare their menus. They favour local products as much as possible:

    • More than 60% of fruit and vegetables are Swiss
    • More than 70% of meat is Swiss
    • Over 90% of dairy products are Swiss
  • The Puidoux, Crissier and Leysin kitchens use MSC or ASC certified fish and seafood as much as possible (over 70%).

  • The kitchens’ food purchases are mainly made up of plant-based products (70% on average).

  • The production kitchens make it a point of honour to deal with any allergies or intolerances by offering menus and alternatives adapted to each individual.

  • The menus of the production kitchens are prepared according to the standards of the Green Fork label.

  • The urban CROC restaurant has the Fait Maison label.

  • The Crissier kitchen carries out an annual assessment of sustainable food purchases in collaboration with the City of Lausanne.

  • Concordance has implemented an annual programme to reduce the environmental impact of its food purchases for the Puidoux, Crissier and Leysin sites.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication; Social responsibility and governance

  • All employees have been trained in sustainable best practices.

  • Concordance has appointed a dedicated sustainability team.

  • Management, employees and suppliers are involved in the organization’s sustainability objectives.

  • Concordance supports its employees in their career development projects.

  • As a training company, Concordance offers professional integration internships.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources; Products and materials

  • The kitchen in Puidoux is equipped with the Sicotronic system to optimize energy consumption.

  • The kitchen in Leysin has a renewable energy (wood) heating system and the building is Minergie certified.

  • Part of the energy consumed by the kitchen in Crissier comes from solar panels. The ventilation and heating system includes heat recovery units.

  • More than 50% of the cleaning products are certified environmentally friendly.

  • Every year, Concordance establishes a register and a program to reduce energy and water consumption at each of its sites.

  • An annual program to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products and materials (paper, ink, fabrics) has been implemented for the sites in Puidoux, Crissier and Leysin.

Déchets, Compensations et donations

Waste; Compensations and donations

  • Concordance establishes an annual waste reduction register and programme at each of its sites.

  • The production kitchens and the urban CROC restaurant limit food waste as much as possible by working as closely as possible to their customers and by adjusting food purchases to orders.

  • At the Puidoux and Crissier sites, organic waste is collected and recycled to produce renewable energy.

  • The production kitchens are now using environmentally friendly paper packaging for bread.

  • Concordance is working to find an alternative to the plastic trays used to deliver meals to homes (about 5% of their production).

  • Concordance involves its suppliers in its packaging reduction targets.