Puidoux’s production kitchen, urban CROC restaurant and Crissier’s production kitcheN.
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For over 25 years, Concordance has specialized in delivering hot and cold meals for children, adults and the elderly.

Their clients are primarily schools, daycare centers, businesses, EMS and assisted living centers that deliver meals to the home.

Concordance offers healthy, varied and balanced meals, prepared according to Fourchette Verte’s criteria, taking into account the specific needs of its clients.

Its 5 production kitchens are ISO22’000 certified, an irreproachable guarantee of food safety.

In order to diversify its activity, the urban CROC restaurant was created in January 2016. Located in the industrial zone of Verney in Puidoux, the urban CROC has been specially designed to offer, during the lunch break, a healthy and varied catering in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere.

The restaurant has a capacity for about 50 people and offers an original menu that changes regularly, an efficient service and attractive menus at a fair price.

There is also a take-away service with a 10% discount on orders. The restaurant received the official “Fait Maison” label in November 2017.

Puidoux’s production kitchen (which produces about 1800 meals a day) and urban CROC joined the EcoCook® program in November 2017. In November 2018, Crissier’s kitchen (which also produces approximately 1800 meals per day) was certified at the 3rd level.

Puidoux’s production kitchen reached the 4th and highest level of EcoCook® certification, the highest distinction of our program in terms of sustainability. This last level of certification recognizes and guarantees the good practices of excellence and sustainability in Puidoux’s kitchen.

The urban CROC , which shares the same values and principles as the community kitchens, has distinguished itself and certified at the 3rd level and also becomes a sustainable EcoCook® restaurant.

The credit goes to the group’s management, but also to the employees, to the sustainable cooks of the two production kitchens and of the urban CROC restaurant, who strive every day to prepare healthy and balanced meals using mainly local, fresh and seasonal products in an environmentally friendly kitchen to better meet the needs of their customers who require special attention: the children in the nurseries and schools, but also the EMS patients.

Puidoux's production kitchen team

Puidoux’s production kitchen team

Crissier's production kitchen team

Crissier’s production kitchen team

EcoCook® is the only Swiss certification for the catering sector that recognizes the sustainable practices at all levels. For the customers, EcoCook® is a guarantee of these practices and commitments in terms of sustainability.

The EcoCook team made up of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program” that allows restaurants to:

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impacts
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Distinguish themselves

Discover below the results of the certification of Puidoux and Crissier’s production kitchens and urban CROC restaurant certified Ecocook® Sustainable Restaurant.

Puidoux’s kitchen

The EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program’s online platform provides a global overview of the restaurant’s level of sustainability, at any time, and of each establishment. Above are the scores of Puidoux’s production kitchen (unit: EcoCookpoints).

Crissier’s kitchen

Above are the scores of Crissier’s production kitchen (unit : EcoCookpoints).

Urban CROC restaurant

Above are the scores of urban CROC restaurant (unit : EcoCookpoints).

The following summarizes the sustainable practices and commitments of the Concordance group with the environment and people’s health.

Food and beverages, Menus and cooking

  • Puidoux and Crissier’s kitchen make it a point of honor to treat any allergy or intolerance of their clients by offering menus and alternatives adapted to each one, such as vegetarian menus, or allergen-free menus (gluten and lactose free, among others).

  • The production kitchens and urban CROC are committed to favoring seasonal fruits and vegetables in their recipes (more than 70%), to using more than 90% fresh products, 50% local products and to offering as much as possible MSC certified fish products.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication and Social responsibility

  • All employees have received training on good sustainable practices in the kitchen, in order to optimize the management of resources, waste, cleaning products and reduce food waste.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources, Products and materials

  • Puidoux’s newly built kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and facilities, including the Sicotronic system, a powerful energy optimization system that saves about 20% of electricity.

  • Puidoux and Crissier’s kitchens, as well as urban CROC’s, use more than 84% of their cleaning products in ecological and biodegradable versions, and plans to increase that percentage even more.

Concordance SA’s sensitivity and commitment to sustainable development does not stop there. They have “decided to do everything possible” to have all their kitchens EcoCook® certified within the next two years. The next step will be the certification of their production kitchen in Leysin, if possible, before the end of 2020.

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