Because it is now essential to include sustainable development in the food sector, the Biolia company and its team have developed the only comprehensive program on an international scale. It’s about EcoCook®, a certificate for implementing, valuing and guaranteeing excellent and sustainable practices. The first establishment that has adopted this innovative solution is La Pinte Vaudoise (the GastroVaud training café/restaurant, in Pully): they have just received their certificate.

Published by Monique Delarze in Monde Economique

The food sector, and to a lesser degree professional and home food industry, undeniably adds to global warming. That is why the Biolia start-up, focused on researching sustainable solutions for the food industry, has developed EcoCook®, an innovative concept that is easy to implement. This program which leads to a certification, guarantees and values efforts and allows efficient management of your establishment which is reflected in reduced operating costs: a tool designed for the user and for the environment.

EcoCook®, a continuous improvement and communication tool

  • Its targets: a global performance in sustainable management, valuing and guaranteeing practices of excellence and sustainability, promoting responsible production and consumption systems, reducing costs (energy 60%, water 15%, waste 30%).
  • It is about operational and management levels, engaging all the parties involved. It puts communication at the heart of its program because it is not just a valuation tool. It is also a tool for raising awareness amongst all the agents: producers, employees, kitchen chefs and consumers/clients.
  • Its certification demands/actions/criteria are defined by real, attainable and specific actions (food and beverage, water and energy, waste, social responsibility, etc.).
  • It includes an initial audit, a diagnosis of the efforts already in place and the bases of their valuation, their optimization, the definition of new relevant goals and the ways to implement them. It includes comprehensive support in the field and offers a very efficient online platform (continuous improvement and self-assessment) which feeds a whole series of marketing tools which make it possible to value and communicate the end results.
  • It is certified by an independent control body = additional credibility.
  • How much does that cost: for a 3-year cycle: Fr. 200.- to 500.-/month according to the size of the establishment. Plus 50% of the savings made, a pledge of engaging with the EcoCook®’s success.
  • Its strengths: a simple, centralized concept; a global action; the comprehensive personal and sector-focused helps of specialists; recognition of the ProCert auditing body; its applicability; the integration of new communication technologies; aiming at quality and traceability; allowing clients to stand out amongst their competition and to become an example to follow. The Michelin star of sustainability.

First “officially” sustainable establishment: La Pinte Vaudoise, of GastroVaud.

For GastroVaud (association of café, restaurant and hotel owners), sustainability is one of the essential values. Attracted by the concept, La Pinte Vaudoise has now successfully implemented the program in its training restaurant which is, today, the first to receive the EcoCook certificate. It has also become an example of the guarantee of excellent, sustainable practices.

The Association largely took part in the press conference for launching EcoCook® with several speakers closely involved in implementing the project: Estèle Geiger, in charge of the project and member of the GastroVaud management team; José Bory, operations manager and Gaël Brandy, top chef at La Pinte Vaudoise.

L’École Hôtelière de Genève has also endorsed it, through Emmanuel Douillet, head of sustainable development.

Taking into account the program’s advantages, GastroVaud is recommending that its 1600 members join it. And it will support the first establishments certified under this certificate.

For its part, the Biolia/EcoCook® team is today in contact with about one hundred companies that it has introduced to the concept, and to date it has carried out about 40 initial audits.