Today, June 18th, on the international sustainable gastronomy day, we hereby have the great pleasure to announce that the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program has been recognized by the Swisstainable program of the swiss tourism industry!

Switzerland Tourism, in close collaboration with the whole tourism industry, launched Swisstainable, a sustainability program in which all touristic service providers can join. The program aims to award the Swisstainable logo to companies that are committed to the field of sustainability. Moreover, through the Swisstainable communication strategy that will be developed over 3 years, the Swisstainable program will be able to influence guests to the most sustainable choice.

About Swisstainable


Concretely, sustainable restaurants certified EcoCook “Initial Audit” or higher can be part of the Swisstainable movement and be classified directly on Swisstainable after registering on the Swisstainable program website.
Then, Swisstainable members will benefit from the Swisstainable movement communication campaign.

We are very happy about this recognition, which values

  • the thorough sustainability assessment performed by EcoCook consultants
  • the exhaustive certification criteria, covering all environmental and social aspects through more than 200 environmental and social performance indicators that are weighted depending on their sustainability importance.
  • the strict and independent certification control taking place to obtain the EcoCook Sustinable Restaurant certification

More importantly, this recognition also values the efforts made by our EcoCook members in the battle to becoming every day more sustainable.

How will you become Swisstainable?

Obtain the EcoCook Sustianable Restaurant certification and register now on: