Who will be the first restaurant to achieve EcoCook Silver, EcoCook Gold and EcoCook Platinium certification?

Decidedly 2020 is a very special year for EcoCook. Certainly, current circumstances have slowed our explosive growth. However, the global economic and social health crisis has allowed us to confirm a whole series of strong points of our program: the recurrence of our Business Model, the commitment of our restaurant members, as well as the interest and potential of our digital solution.

After the launch of our first video in June, we took this situation as an opportunity to finalize the revision of the EcoCook standard and develop a new digital platform for assessing and certifying the sustainability level of restaurants.

Today, we are extremely happy to share with you the new version of the EcoCook certification! The REVOLUTIONARY Sustainable Restaurant Certification!

As you can see on the graph above, the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant 2020 certification has now 3 additional levels, Silver, Gold and Platinium. These three additional levels of certification are the result of the entire revision and improvement process of the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant standard that we have undertaken since v2017, the previous EcoCook version. For those of you that just met us, EcoCook was born on 2013 .

Before starting to explain the changes in the new version, we would like to remind you that the EcoCook certification is an INDEPENDENT certification. It does not depend on any person, organization, public or private institution and was developed in 2013 by a team of experts in the field of certification and healthy & sustainable food.

Today EcoCook counts with the recognition of the “Conférence romande des marchés publics” and the support of its members, as well as its partners, both in Switzerland and internationally.

The new 2020 version of the EcoCook standard integrates the following elements:

  • Evolution and trends in our production and consumption systems.
    You asked us and we listened to you. You wanted the Sustainable Restaurant certification level to be directly linked to some of the specific sustainability criteria. From now on, in Silver restaurants you’ll find, among other things, dishes based on organic, local and vegetarian products.

  • Expert review of the standard.
    All the criteria of the EcoCook standard have been reviewed by different experts:

    • EcoCook Angels: the EcoCook program consultants ensure the document watch, the updating of the references (proof of certification), the updating of the market study, and the integration of the improvements identified.
    • The Lausanne Institute of Technology (EPFL) Sustainability Unit, the EPFL energy manager and the EPFL waste manager.
    • ProCert, the independent certification body.
    • Quantis: each of the 200 certification criteria is weighted according to its importance in terms of environmental or social impact. In this context, we have reviewed the weighting of all the criteria with a world-renowned expert in Life Cycle Assessment: Quantis.
    • EcoParc Association, the “Conférence romande des marchés publics” and the “State of Vaud”: the criteria as well as the certification process have been reviewed by these three institutions. The recommendations were integrated into the new version of the standard. From now on, companies having acquired the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certification level 2 or higher can obtain 5/5 in the evaluation of their application in public tenders in Swiss Romande (Annex T5).
  • Evaluation and certification platform:
    although the 2020 version remains fundamentally an improved version of the 2017 version, we have nevertheless taken advantage of the changes implemented to develop a new online platform that is even more “user friendly and sexy”.

Would you like to know the criteria for Silver, Gold and Platinium certification?

We invite you to discover “the state of the art in sustainable catering services assessment”!
By doing the online assessment of your level of sustainability through our platform, you will know where you stand in terms of sustainability, what you can easily improve, what cost reductions you can benefit from, and the returns on investment in the short, medium and long term.

Do it for you and for all the people who depend on your restaurant or food service because they too are entitled to it!

What’s next ?

As we said…we are facing major environmental and social challenges, and we are counting on all of you, organizations, institutions, restaurateurs and consumers, to solve them.

It’s up to you!