To reduce costs, risks and the environmental impact: the EcoCook® program!

Consumers are always very sensitive to issues regarding sustainable development, quality and product traceability. Through the EcoCook® program, the HoReCa sector now has a tool tested by GastroVaud, a source of savings and benefits in terms of corporate image.

Developed by and for professionals in the food industry, the EcoCook® program is a comprehensive certification defined by a series of precise, feasible and specific actions. These actions or certifying criteria include all restaurant aspects:

Food and beverage
No endangered species
Menus and cooking
Varied menus
Balanced meals
Healthy cooking
Sustainability policy
Promoting SPE (Sustainable Practices of Excellance)
Control and monitoring
Consumption reduction program
Efficient devices
Products and materials
Biodegradable products
Recycled materials
Dosing Systems
Sorting, control and monitoring
Reusable Bags and flatware
Social responsibility
Sustainable Suppliers
Fair remuneration
Compensation and donations
Economic Donations
Food Donations
Charitable Projects

GastroVaud was hired by Biolia, the company that founded the EcoCook® certificate, and it was immediately attracted by this distinction. Because unlike other kinds of certificates, this label presents the following advantages:

  • It is part of an overall vision, that does not just focus on the content of the dishes served to clients. It takes the establishment’s economic and social aspects into consideration too.
  • It can lead to substantial savings on costs (consumption, waste, water and electricity management) through the good practices it promotes.
  • The restaurateur is not left alone facing a set of standards and criteria to fulfil: the label implementation is guided by a coach who significantly simplifies the task for the restaurateur.
  • The certification program is based on four levels and restaurateurs are free to choose to what extent they wish to implement it according to their own targets and specific establishment offer.
  • The certificate is issued by a recognized and independent certifying body (ProCert), who add their own credibility and professionalism.

Preferential conditions for pioneers

After testing the program on a 1/1 scale in its training restaurant La Pinte Vaudoise, GastroVaud decided to promote the label among its members. The discounts Biolia offers are as follows:

  • 15 % discount on the 1st level of certification
  • 20% discount on the 2nd level of certification
  • 30% discount on the 3rd level of certification
  • and a 50% discount applied to the first five who take up the offer.

The first certified restaurant in Switzerland, La Pinte Vaudoise, has been followed today by the Gilles Desplanches Group and by the restaurant-school Vieux-Bois de l’École Hôtelière de Genève, which belongs to GastroSwitzerland.

Additional information and registration: