Discover now the full interview with Mr. Gilles Meystre, Chairman of the Gilles Desplanches group, who give you their advice on the EcoCook® excellence and sustainability certificate.

From a family of bakers, Gilles Desplanches, began his career in 1987 by taking over an old bakery at the age of 23. Today it leads five brands – Le Prêt-à-manger, Gilles Desplanches, Goodie Healthy Food, The Fitting Room and Bar-à-chocolat, the group has 20 shops and employs about 150 contributors.

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Question. Why do you worry about sustainable development?

Response. It’s a matter of ethics. The Earth is a resource that does not belong to us. We have the right to enjoy it and the duty to bequeath a planet capable of feeding future generations.

Why have you chosen EcoCook?

The dynamic and relational approach that we have started. The approaches in the food section convinced us.

What are the advantages that the EcoCook program can bring to the food sector?

In the short term, becoming aware of the good practice processes. In the medium term, everyone is involved. In the long term, savings.

Le Prêt à Manger positions itself as a pioneering restaurant and therefore ai an example to follow. Have you thought about giving your support to other franchised restaurants so that they can also benefit from the program’s advantages?

We give ourselves the time to really focus on the advantages and quantify them. Now we are going to inform our franchises and recommend the program to them.

Imagine ourselves in 5 years’ time: what would you wish both for EcoCook and the food sector?

The world changes, it is asking itself questions and wants answers to these questions. EcoCook must be one of these responses and become a leading label in this field.