Discover now the full interview with Mr. Gilles Meystre, Chairman of GastroVaud, the association of café, restaurant and hotel owners in Vaud, who give you their advice on the EcoCook® excellence and sustainability certificate

Please find the most important quotes below.

“The first advantage is its broad scope: the EcoCook® label is not only associated with the dish contents, it is also interesting for the establishment in terms of its scope. It is also equally interested in the stages before placing the dish before the client.”

The second advantage is its simplicity: EcoCook® simplifies the things that look complicated, because it offers technologies that simplify the task of the group of agents in an establishment: technological tools, a web platform that allows them to measure, monitor and control your results on the one hand, and on the other hand a support, and I think that this is very important: a day-to-day support, with people that stand in the field, next to the chef, next to the head waiter and next to the establishment managers to help them implement the program in their establishments. ”

“The third advantage is the label’s credibility: this label has been created by people who are perfectly in touch with the reality of this sector (…) So, when talking about credibility we also mean neutrality, (…) the EcoCook® program is certified by a neutral and independent body which is essential because the certifiers are equally certified, and this is a badge of excellence for us.

The economic advantage (…): through savings that we can expect in terms of energy consumption or waste limitation, there are potential cost reductions for restaurateurs (…)”

The commercial advantage or the advantage in terms of marketing: by being labelled EcoCook®, the restaurateur can stand out from the competition, approach new clients, and find loyal clients among those who are more and more sensitive to sustainable development.

“I hope that the EcoCook® label comes to represent the equivalent of the ISO standard for the food industry.”