EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program

«A program enhancing the good practices implemented, as well as continuous improvement, costs reduction and communication program»

Discover the interview of Mr. Emmanuel Douillet, Responsible for Sustainable Development and Professor at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève.

The restaurant of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, Vieux-Bois, has recently obtained the 3rd level of EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant certification. The EHG restaurant was the first in Geneva to reach this level.

emmanuel douillet

Could you tell us some words about yourself and your role in the EHG?

«After my diploma at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, my MBA and my CAS, I started at the EHG as Responsible for Sustainable Development. I was bitten by the “Sustainable Development” virus during my MBA and I was responsible»

For you, what is sustainability? And how does it apply in the catering sector?

«It is modern humanism: to put the man at the center of activities»

Why is it important to be sustainable in 3 words?

«To leave something to our children. I have two children and this personal situation has motivated my choices, my enthusiasm and my professional investment in the subject»

How have you heard about EcoCook®?

« For the first time on the phone with a collaborator of the Sustainable Restaurant Program EcoCook® , Gregory Swietznick. Afterwards, I invited to the Gastronomia forum Ms. Grebler, director of the program, and after the formal presentation of the EcoCook®  sustainable restaurant certification program, we were convinced and decided to join the cause. In addition, being a school and education center, we want to show the example to our students and our partners and clients, so that they are also indirectly involved»

Why have you chosen EcoCook®? What has motivated you to choose this certification and EcoCook®  Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program?

« As its name suggests, it is a certification, it is not a label, or an indicator, it is a process of continuous improvement and certification of good sustainability practices, guaranteed by the verification phase from the independent body. The independent verification is a key stage that gives credibility to certification and communication.

In addition, before the independent certification control, the EcoCook®  team has trained and accompanied us throughout the certification preparation process. Moreover, after the certification, a communication strategy has been proposed and developed to show and highlight the acquisition of the Level 3 EcoCook®  Sustainable Restaurant Certification. The restaurateur does not usually have time to devote to social networks so it is an excellent solution»

How do you think your clients and your students will perceive the fact of being EcoCook®  certified?

« It is the way to obtain official recognition of everything that is been done concerning Sustainable Development at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, and in the Restaurant Vieux-Bois. More-over, the communication tools included in the program are the best means to share, to communicate, to value and then to enforce our commitments in terms of sustainability and our active involvement in the subject »

What do you appreciate more in this program? What are the 3 main forces of EcoCook®?

« The EcoCook®  platform: with respect to certification, it is easy to update it.

The coaching and accompaniment to continue improving, and to implement the EcoCook®  program quickly.

The Ecocok social networks and the EcoCook®  sustainable restaurant online directories where consumers can find responsible restaurants committed. It is also a communication and differentiation tool »

What are the disadvantages or improvements that you would advise to the Biolia team?

« To have the will to consecrate the necessary time but … (only about 20 hours). Only in the dictionary is the word “Success” before “Work”. Laughter »

Have you undertaken, or are you going to take action to enhance the certification? Which?

« We have organized a press conference that has paid off with 4 articles in the press. As stated above, the program includes a regular presence in EcoCook® ’s social networks, the repertoire of certified sustainable restaurants – EcoCook® , and the recognition in front of our customers and students which can see the certificate every day »

Would you recommend the certification program to other restaurants? What advice would you give to restaurants wishing to become certified?

« Yes!!! Recommendation: do not ask questions and do it, be in the action »

What do you want the program and your team?

« Many successes »