TOM Café
Interview : Chef Pascal Beaud’huin
28 February 2019


And the award goes to…TOM Café!

TOM Café, the restaurant at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, obtained in November 2018 the highest level of certification EcoCook, level 4. Discover below the testimony of TOM Café’s Chef, Pascal Beaud’Huin.

1. Why did you decide to implement the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification?

“The integration of environmental and social responsibility principles in restoration activities is part of the implementation of the International Olympic Committee’s sustainability strategy. The EcoCook label seemed to be a good way to make progress in this area, and to have a recognition of existing best practices. This work helped engage the whole team on the topic of sustainability and get them actively involved in a larger project that also covers the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.”

2. What changed before and after the Sustainable Restaurant Program, and what did these changes provide for you?

“In order to obtain the certification, we conducted a complete review of our practices and developed concrete action plans to improve product sourcing, reduce waste or further increase energy efficiency. Achieving the EcoCook certification, while not changing the operations of the restaurant, is a reward that allows to be more conscious and appreciative of our cuisine, in addition to other benefits. We realised that a sustainability approach – one that corresponds to EcoCook’s standards, also corresponds to an economic reality. For example, with a sustainability approach, you can use local products, which in turn offers economic benefits. We have also replaced many of our cleaning products by the ecological version of these products.”

3. Is integrating sustainable principles a subject that touches the team?

“As we were going through the process of obtaining the certification, we realised that we were already working very well in terms of sustainability, which was gratifying for the team. It is very positive for us, as sustainability is a subject that concerns everyone and is increasingly being talked about today. It also shows people that we, too, in the organisation are sensitive to topics like sustainability and ecology.”

4. How do you think TOM Café customers will respond to the acquisition of the label?

“Most of the customers are sensitive to this initiative. The acquisition of the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification is therefore very positive because we can show that we, too, are sensitives to these ecological values.”

5. What’s the next objective?

“With regard to the future, the aim is to maintain the highest level of certification that the Café currently has. We are at the highest level, so the challenge will be to maintain the certification at the end of the three years. Then, depending on opportunities and customers’ feedback, we will see in which sustainability areas we can further improve.”

The next time you visit TOM Café, don’t forget to look for those four leaves from its EcoCook certification!