1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself, your background?

« Graduated from the International Centre of Glion, I mainly spent my professional career in Switzerland. During my first fifteen years as a professional, I worked mainly in the hotel business as a manager of 3 and 4 stars establishments. Then, in my forties, I joined the DSR group, which has since become Eldora SA, where I held various management positions in catering companies over a period of 17 years. These many years of experience have enabled me to perfect my skills in commercial and event catering, but above all in community catering. Today, as Project Manager for the Beau-Site Foundation, I am mainly dedicated to the management and development of the Cuisine des Bonnettes and, of course, to monitoring the quality of the services provided. »

2. How many employees do you have today? And points of sale?

« The Cuisine des Bonnettes has about ten employees. The kitchen team is headed by its chef Jean-Marie Vernaud while Samuel Azevedo is in charge of the logistics.

The Cuisine des Bonnettes is a production kitchen and therefore has no sales outlets. Nevertheless, it produces about 750 meals a day, delivered to about fifteen sites. Our main clients and partners are medical and social institutions, nurseries, schools, institutions and associations. »

3. What changes have you observed over the years in terms of habits and interest in sustainability?

« For 35 years in the catering business, I have the impression that it has been well over twenty years since we started to focus on sustainability. It is often thanks to the initiative of some cities and states that things have changed. Regulations began to appear at major events and finally, little by little, stakeholders became aware of the importance of sustainable development. The battle is still far from being over, and there is still a lot to do. Nevertheless, it can be said today that there is a general awareness of the interest in and the necessity of sustainable development. »

4. Why are you concerned about sustainability?

« Like everyone else, I am worried about the future of our planet and I would like to be able to participate at my level and within the framework of my company in the preservation of our living environment. Earth resources are not inexhaustible and it is our responsibility to do something.

We work in a sector that is very important for people, the food sector. We make sure, for our customers, to work as much as possible with local products as well as seasonal and quality products. We manage our own organic waste and seek to improve our processes in order to achieve better sustainable development within our company. »


5. Why did you choose EcoCook?

« The management of the Beau-Site Foundation began the certification process in the summer of 2018. The various criteria and solutions proposed by the EcoCook label have been unanimously accepted by the Beau-Site Foundation, which shares the same values in terms of sustainability. »

6. How did you experience this implementation, in terms of organization and time spent?

« The Cuisine des Bonnettes team had already implemented a number of sustainable practices. Some points have been improved and others have been added. The implementation was done gradually over several months. The department heads immediately implemented new practices. »

7. Were there any challenges you had to face and how were they treated?

« Unfortunately, for mainly financial reasons, we have not been able to implement all the desired sustainable practices. However, the implementation of practices that are not yet feasible has been planned for the medium and long term. Commitments have been made with EcoCook. In general, we have found sustainable solutions for most of our processes with our partner EcoCook. »

8. How do you think your customers will perceive the fact that you are certified as an EcoCook sustainable production kitchen?

« For several years now, we have noticed that our customers are sensitive to sustainable development. They should therefore appreciate our EcoCook certification. This label is for the Cuisine des Bonnettes and for the Beau-Site Foundation, the sign of its daily commitment with sustainable practices. This approach is in line with the continuous improvement of our production and distribution processes. »


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