1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself and your background?

« Originally, I come from the sports world where events and gastronomy are very present. I have always had close contact with Cinq Sens. After a career break and a trip, I was contacted by the company to join their team. One of my first tasks was to take over the follow-up of the EcoCook certification carried out by my predecessor Lise-Marieke Richard.»

2. What changes have you noticed over the years in terms of eating habits of your customers and consumers?

« The local and terroir aspects are becoming increasingly important in the requests of our customers. Whether it is through our company catering service, our services for extracurricular structures or our catering events, more and more customers are asking us to do this.

We have also seen an increase in demand for vegetarian and/or special diet meals.»

3. How do you see the integration of sustainability principles in the catering sector in the future?

« It is important that all stakeholders in the sector become aware of the sustainability issues in the catering industry. This goes beyond the end consumer. Seasonality, production methods and provenance of products will become increasingly important, and all stakeholders need to be aware of this for the catering sector to have a beneficial impact on overall sustainability.»


About the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certification programme

4. Why did you choose to become EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant certified?

« We have already been having a sustainable philosophy for several years, notably by having the “Fait maison” label and by working with the most sustainable local products possible. When the opportunity arose to certify our actions, it seemed obvious to us to embark on this adventure. What we liked about the EcoCook certification is that it goes way beyond the finished products on the plate by considering all aspects of sustainable development in all the company’s sectors.»

5. During the certification, were there any challenges you had to face and how did you address them?

« We all had to become aware of some aspects and the impacts that our actions can have. Some habits had to be changed, but overall, the whole company is convinced by this sustainable project.»

6. How do you think your customers will perceive the fact that your production kitchen is certified EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant level 4?

« I think that this represents a real added value for our company. There are quite a few labels in the food sector, but few are as comprehensive and take so many factors into account. Moreover, we are the first company in the canton of Neuchâtel to obtain this certification and we are very proud of it. We hope that this will inspire other catering services in the canton to follow this path.»

7. What are your next goals?

« We will continue to develop the business and our catering offerings to provide the best quality while being as sustainable as possible. We will continue to focus on local products while maintaining and improving our current practices.»