1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself and your background?

« In my job I have always paid particular attention to the quality of the food and the happiness that comes from a good meal. As a cook since my teenage years, this desire to do well and to share is still very strong inside me. »

2. What changes have you noticed over the years in terms of the eating habits of your customers and consumers?

« Over the past few years, we have noticed that daycare and school managers, as well as parents, are increasingly curious about the origin of the products we use in the kitchen. »

3. How do you see the integration of sustainability principles in the catering sector in the future?

« I think that our society has been changing and that restaurant managers should take a closer look and implement best practices for sustainability. »

4. Why did you choose to become EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant certified?

« We had been considering this for several years and when we were fully prepared for it, we decided to go ahead with it. »

5. During the certification, were there any challenges you had to face and how did you address them?

« The biggest challenges for us were finding the traceability of some products. We realised that some ingredients are difficult to match/trace and decided to replace or remove some of them. »

6. What has changed before and after the implementation of the EcoCook® programme and what have these changes brought to your production kitchen?

« We had to change some habits and our team had to understand and adapt quickly. Since then, we have a clearer vision of sustainability and the correct habits to follow. »

7. How do you think your customers will perceive the fact that your production kitchen is certified EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant level 4?

« I think that most of our customers will discover the EcoCook certification, and all the work put in place by our team and of course by the EcoCook team. Our next open day will allow us to properly inform our customers and partners about the certification and all these good practices. »

8. What are your next goals?

« To continue in the same direction and to make it well understood and accepted by our customers and suppliers. »