1. Could you tell us a few words about yourself and your background?

« I was trained as a chef and worked in various large restaurants before turning to management and logistics in general. For more than 10 years, I held various positions at the Confederation with the Department of Defense as well as a commitment abroad for the promotion of Peace. In 2017, I was contacted by Mr. David Blanc, owner of BG Gastronomie to take over the management of the company following a strong development. I gladly accepted this challenge for a return to my roots in my profession and put my skills to the benefit of a promising SME. »

2. What changes have you observed over the years in terms of the eating habits of your customers and consumers?

  • « Habits are constantly changing and will continue to do so.
  • Our customers, even young ones, are concerned about what they have on their plate, where the food comes from and how it is prepared.
  • There are positive trends in the eating habits of children and adolescents. In recent years, the consumption of fruits and vegetables has increased slightly, while the consumption of fatty foods and sweetened beverages has not continued to increase. However, it is not always easy to reconcile today’s tastes dictated by the standardization of the food industry with local and home-made products. »

3. How do you see the integration of sustainability principles in the restaurant industry in the future?

« It is essential that all actors in the food chain, from the producer to the consumer, realize that it is a duty to change some of our eating habits. An awareness, accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis and the desire to consume more locally, is more regularly made on the origin, the traceability or the carbon impact of food. This trend must continue! »


4. Why did you choose the EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant certification?

« It was an obvious choice for me! It is essential to certify what we do on a daily basis, to be supported to improve and to be able to rely on the knowledge of professionals in the field. »

5. During the certification process, were there any challenges you faced and how were they handled?

« It is a constant challenge but so beneficial to all our processes. Are we doing the right thing? Are we buying correctly? Is it the right choice in terms of sustainability vs. economics? etc…. certification is a challenge in itself that requires a strong investment but the benefits are concrete and visible immediately. »

6. What has changed before and after the implementation of the EcoCook® program and what have these changes brought to your food service?

« Above all, it has made all our employees aware of the importance of sustainable catering on a daily basis. Given the volumes we handle, a small deviation can quickly have major consequences. It’s the butterfly effect! »

7. How do you think your customers will perceive the fact that your catering service in Bossonnens is certified EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant?

« Positively! This certification attests to the efforts we undertake every day for environmental and social management. »

8. What are your next objectives ?

« Continue to work hard to obtain at least the 4th leaf for the Bossonnens kitchen but also to certify all our kitchens. »