From left to right: Michel Gauthier-Clerc, director, David Juan, restaurant manager, Audrey Badoud, cashier, Lin Schelling, assistant to the director, Stéphanie Massy, scientific mediator in front of the restaurant and the park.

La Garenne restaurant in Switzerland is certified EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant level 3 since April 2020 (v2017), demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development.

EcoCook® is the only Swiss certification for the catering sector that recognizes the sustainable practices at all levels. For the customers, EcoCook® is a guarantee of these practices and commitments in terms of sustainability.

The EcoCook team made up of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program” that allows restaurants to:

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impacts
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Distinguish themselves

Discover below the results of the certification of La Garenne restaurant certified EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant level 3 (v2017).

The EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program’s online platform provides a global overview of the restaurant’s level of sustainability, at any time, and of each establishment. Above are the scores of La Garenne restaurant (unit: EcoCookpoints v2017).

As this graph shows, there is still room for improvement for the restaurant La Garenne.

The restaurant meets a large number of sustainability criteria, which is why it has achieved level 3 certification, but there is still potential for improvement.

Below is an overview of La Garenne’s sustainable actions!

Food and beverages, Menus and cooking

  • The restaurant excludes endangered species and genetically modified organisms.
  • 75% of the dairy products are ORGANIC as well as all the eggs.
  • More than 90% of the fish and seafood are certified “MSC, ASC, or ORGANIC fish farm”.
  • 39% of fruit and vegetables are ORGANIC.
  • The restaurant offers one vegetarian dish per day.
  • A lactose-free and dried fruit-free dish option is always available.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication and Social responsibility

  • La Garenne restaurant communicates its commitment to sustainability in its charter displayed in the restaurant.
  • The restaurant promotes sustainable food products (ORGANIC, sustainable fishing, local/regional, etc.).
  • The restaurant staff is trained in good sustainable practices, responsible purchasing, healthy food, reduction in energy and water consumption, as well as in waste management.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources, Products and materials

  • The restaurant uses LED for lighting.
  • Presence detectors for light have been installed in the toilets.
  • The park doesn’t have lighting either during the day or at night.
  • The restaurant has a natural ventilation system and a green roof (insulating effect).
  • Rainwater from the park is collected for the cleaning and filling of the basins.
  • The park has 4 dry toilets to save water.
  • Through the EcoCook certification program, the restaurant has implemented a system to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • The restaurant is committed to increasing the share of certified ecological cleaning products to 20% by 2021.
  • Recycled paper is used.

Déchets, Compensations et donations

Waste, Compensation and donations

  • The park and its restaurant make visitors aware of waste sorting.
  • The park has 8 composters for organic waste.
  • The restaurant doesn’t use tablecloths for its tables.
  • Bread isn’t systematically provided on the tables; it is offered to customers who request it.
  • The system of waste generated control and reduction is highlighted by the EcoCook certification program.

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