José Bory, Restaurant La Pinte Vaudoise Director ; Gaël Brandy, Restaurant Head Chef; Alison Deleuze, Restaurant Service Manager; Gilles Meystre, GastroVaud President; Olivier Duvoisin, Deputy Director.

La Pinte Vaudoise, Restaurant d’Application de GastroVaud, the Vaud association of cafetiers, restaurateurs and hoteliers with more than 1600 members, has just renewed its EcoCook® Restaurant Sustainability certification

Already in October 2015, GastroVaud’s Pinte Vaudoise had been certified EcoCook®, becoming the first certified sustainable restaurant and setting an example for the restaurant industry. On December 20, 2017, and following the control and re-certification audit by the independent organization ProCert, La Pinte Vaudoise de GastroVaud obtained the 3rd level of EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant certification.

On June 17, 2021, La Pinte Vaudoise renews its commitment to sustainability and re-certifies as an EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant level 4 (2020 version).

EcoCook® is the first and only Swiss certification in the catering sector that recognises sustainable practices in catering services at all levels. For consumers, EcoCook® is above all a guarantee of these practices and commitments to sustainability.

The EcoCook® team, composed of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program”, which allows restaurant owners to : 

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impact
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Differentiate themselves

Discover below the results of the certification of La Pinte Vaudoise restaurant.

The online platform of the EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program provides a global overview of the sustainability level of each restaurant at any time. Above the scores of the restaurant La Pinte Vaudoise (unit: EcoCookpoints).

The restaurant La Pinte Vaudoise meets a large number of sustainability criteria, which is why it has achieved level 4 certification, although there is still some potential for improvement in each area of certification.

Find out more about their commitment to the environment and human health below.

Food and drink, Menus and cooking

  • In order to maintain a healthy diet, it is important that it is varied and balanced. The menu of La Pinte Vaudoise is a good example of this with traditional, modern and fusion dishes, vegetarian dishes (22% of the offer) as well as healthy dishes controlled by nutritionists and labelled “Fourchette Verte”.

  • La Pinte Vaudoise has the “Fait Maison” label!

  • The restaurant excludes endangered species and genetically modified organisms.

  • Products of plant-based origin account for 79% of the total.

  • 40% of fish and seafood are MSC or ASC certified.

  • 55% of fruit and vegetables are in season.

  • 46% of food products are Swiss, including

    • 92% of dairy products are of Swiss origin,
    • 63% of meat is of Swiss origin.
  • 85% of food products are unprocessed.

  • The offer of dishes with fried components is less than 20% of the dishes offered.

  • The restaurant minimises the risk of contamination through its microbiological control, monitoring and analysis system.

  • The organization has implemented a sustainable food procurement improvement program and is committed to offering an organic dish to reduce its environmental and health impact.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication and Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability charter: the restaurant communicates its environmental policy in favour of the health of people and the planet. This is displayed in the restaurant’s dining room.

  • The restaurant promotes sustainable food products and dishes on its menu (Swiss products, vegetarian dishes, home-made dishes, Fourchette Verte dishes, etc.).

  • La Pinte Vaudoise now has a team dedicated to sustainability.

  • The sustainability team is committed to involving management, collaborators and suppliers alike in the organization’s sustainability objectives.

  • La Pinte Vaudoise practices pay equity among its collaborators.

  • La Pinte Vaudoise raises awareness and trains its collaborators in good sustainable practices.

  • The organization supports its collaborators in their career development plans and promotes professional integration as a training center.

  • The organization conducts an annual collaborator satisfaction survey.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources, Products and Materials

  • The restaurant service has set up a register and a program to reduce energy and water consumption.

  • La Pinte Vaudoise has opted for induction. The entire cooking suite now runs on induction.

  • The kitchen at La Pinte Vaudoise is equipped with an automatic ventilation hood. This is self-regulating as required!

  • La Pinte Vaudoise is equipped with over 74% LED bulbs.

  • Their cooling system is HCFC-free.

  • An annual program to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products and materials has been put in place. In particular, the restaurant is committed to increasing the proportion of certified green cleaning products to 30% by January 2023.

Déchets, Compensations et donations

Waste, Compensation and Donations

  • La Pinte Vaudoise has set up a register and a program to reduce the waste generated.

  • Waste reduction and management is a priority for La Pinte Vaudoise. Organic waste is separated for composting and biogas production. Over 80% of the restaurant’s drinks are delivered in reusable containers (returnable glass). And the cutlery, crockery and napkins are only washable and reusable!

  • La Pinte Vaudoise offers half portions at a proportional price, and offers bread instead of providing it systematically.

  • La Pinte Vaudoise avoids paper through online invoicing of all suppliers. Internal communication with all collaborators is also done online.