EcoCook® is the only Swiss certification aimed at the restaurant sector which recognises a restaurant’s sustainable practices on all its operational and management levels. For consumers, EcoCook® is a guarantee of these sustainable practices.

The EcoCook team made up of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, have developed the EcoCook support program and certification which allows restaurateurs to:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Stand out

The application restaurant at the Hotel Management School of Geneva, the Le Vieux-Bois, a certified level 3 EcoCook responsible restaurant since 2016, was the first restaurant in the world to stand out with this type of certification. In terms of excellence and sustainability, this distinction can be compared to the Michelin Stars.

Before the EcoCook certification, sustainability was already a priority for the Hotel Management School of Geneva and its sustainable restaurant, the Le Vieux-Bois. They have chosen EcoCook in order to value their commitment to the environment, and because “EcoCook isn’t only an indicator. It’s also a process of continuous improvement”.



Legend: the online management and continuous improvement platform of the EcoCook programme provides a global overview of the sustainability level of each establishment. Below is the sustainability level of the Le Vieux-Bois (unit: EcoCookpoints).

Discover below the commitments of the Le Vieux-Bois restaurant at the Hotel Management School of Geneva.


ecocook   Food and Beverage, Menus and Cooking

  • The Le Vieux-Bois restaurant confirms its willingness to reduce its environmental footprint by using seasonal fruit and vegetables, which are either local or regional. Also, 80% of the drinks served in the restaurant are local and regional, and 80% of the meat prepared in the kitchen are sourced from Switzerland.
  • The menu at the Le Vieux-Bois restaurant offers several allergen-free, gastronomic vegetarian dishes. Good proof of how it has adapted to new consumer trends that are responsible and healthy! Discover the restaurant menu here. It changes every 6 weeks!
  • Concerned about its clients’ health, the Head Chefs in the Le Vieux-Bois restaurant offer “Homemade” dishes made with fresh produce, without any chemical products, taste enhancers or artificial colouring.


Communication and Social Responsibility


  • For the Hotel Management School of Geneva and its application restaurant, the Le Vieux-Bois, “economic development and social well-being are closely linked to health and the environment”. Consequently, the organisation undertakes to integrate sustainability principles and communicate them. Within the organisation, they organise Sustainable Development days to raise awareness among collaborators to the commitment to sustainability. Training in good sustainable practices is also suggested for all collaborators.
  • The establishment makes no salary or behavioural distinction according to race, gender or age of the employees. The restaurant promotes balancing collaborator timetables/days off/holidays with their family.
  • In order to promote sport and physical activity, the restaurant offers collaborators a 50% reduction if they go to a sports centre, and there are bicycle parking facilities within the establishment.


ecocook   Resources, Products and Materials

  • A plan to reduce energy and water use has been in force since 2016. Here are some examples of these actions: installing heat recovery system, thermal regulators, high energy efficient water heaters, etc.
  • The electric energy chosen by the Hotel Management School of Geneva and the Le Vieux-Bois Restaurant is 100% organic and 100% local. It comes from certified hydraulic and solar energy, “Vitale Vert naturemade”.
  • Within the Le Vieux-Bois restaurant, sustainability management consists of also running simple and significant actions such as: valuing natural light, regularly maintaining electrical apparatuses, optimising the usage time of electrical apparatuses, correctly regulating the temperature in ovens and fryers, not letting water run to defrost or clean food products, among others.


ecocook    Waste, Compensations and Donations

  • The Le Vieux-Bois controls the amount of waste produced each month, and undertakes to reach the canton-goal of 70% recycling. Actions like using washable, reusable towels or forbidding the use of disposable materials in the table service (e.g. bottled water), are part of the waste reduction programme.
  • The Le Vieux-Bois restaurant is against food wastage, and the restaurant staff even suggest half portions, or for clients to take their leftovers home! Moreover, the kitchen uses just in time production and controls the commodities in stock every day!
  • The Hotel Management School of Geneva and its application restaurant, the Le Vieux-Bois are involved in humanitarian aid projects in collaboration with organisms like the UN, Terre des Hommes, AGG and the Théodora Foundation.