EcoCook was invited, along with some very good customers, sensitive about sustainability or just interested about sustainability, as of May 14, by Prodega/Growa/Transgourmet to discover their own sustainable brand «Origine».



This event took place within the Rennaz‘s Prodega Market, near to Villeneuve, in Switzerland.




Prodega/Growa/Transgourmet is the Swiss market leader in self-service and wholesale delivery. Its clientele includes actors from the gastronomic scene, hotels, homes and hospitals, system catering as well as retail and independent professions. The complete assortment includes more than 25,000 items from the fruit and vegetable, butcher, fish and seafood, dairy, bakery, food, non-food, cosmetics and products sectors. maintenance, beverages, wine, spirits and tobacco. Customers can choose to shop directly in one of the 30 Prodega / Growa markets or order from Transgourmet’s online store and have it delivered. Whether for international brands or regional specialties, the assortment leaves nothing to be desired. The private label portfolio consists of a total of four different lines with clearly identifiable quality levels. One of them is the innovative brand Transgourmet Origine, launched about two years ago, for quality and sustainable products. It meets the requirement of exceptional culinary quality and guaranteed sustainable performance. Criteria such as origin, craftsmanship, tradition, producer philosophy and ethical and ecological aspects must be fulfilled and form the basis of authentic and original stories about the product and the producer.

When we arrived at 2:30 pm in the market, we were greeted by the two organizers of this event, Mr. Patrick Jacquiard, Director and Mr. Yvan Schick, Market Manager, who invited us to move forward, in a space reserved for their guests, for a welcome drink. Hostesses handed us a glass of organic and vegan Prosecco from this famous range Origine, to make us already dive into this universe that we were already delighted to discover

Some guests were already present and we took the opportunity to introduce ourselves, talk about their restaurants and EcoCook and our approach to sustainability. Following the interest, we were pleased to exchange some cards.


While all the guests were finally present, Mr. Jacquiard took the word to welcome the assembly and thank us all for our presence. In a few words they proudly presented their “Origine” brand and their implementation in sustainable products, while a few small accompaniments of the brand were passed along the tables to amaze our taste buds. They explained that the best way for us to discover Origin was to do it point by point in all Prodega markets, and to familiarize ourselves at the same time with this gigantic place dedicated to restaurants. Groups of 5 to 10 people were formed to discover all these points one by one, led by the buyers of the plant.


Our group was formed around Mr. Schick, Market Manager, who invited us to follow him to direct us to our first point in the meat department, and start with the charcuterie. We moved through the market and on our way we discovered the other beautifully presented spaces, until we arrived to the cold zone, at our point of departure. The buyers of the charcuterie and meat department waited for us to present the various beef and chickens products, their origin on the Swiss territory and presented us the different types of breeds, their pastures and farming in Swiss German-speaking and French-speaking farms. Then we could taste all products presented, and ask questions about them. After the first spot, we went to the second one, not far from where we were, where they presented the organic salmon from Connemara and the organic black tiger shrimp from Vietnam. After our trip between the countries of the North and Vietnam, we had the pleasure to taste these products with exceptional quality and savor, before we were directed to our third stage.





After half an hour in the cold zone, we were happy to come back to a milder temperature to discover the cheese spot where an organic raclette of the Valais AOP and a magnificent organic brie accompanied by other delights were waiting for us, before we were lastly presented the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana BOP from Italy. What a treat! We felt that the guests were charmed by the quality of these Origine products and the very professional presentation of the buyers present until now.







We were already looking forward for the following spots. Our fourth one included a series of regional products, which although were not marketed under “Origine” brand , they deserved to be tasted. These products concerned the wines Paccot, field of the Colombe, which portrait was made by the producer’s daughter, in charge of the marketing of these family wines. We savoured alternately Chasselas, Pinot Rosé and Pinot Noir de Morraines, the 2017 cuvées of the house.


Neighbour of this good discovery, one buyer presented us three “Origine” products: first, unfiltered apple juice from Marbarch in Switzerland from the Kobelt family, which has been producing the apples of orchards with high stem for more than 100 years, then in second and third, Terra di Bari olive oil from Apulia and balsamic vinegar from the Modena province in Italy, which we could savour by dipping crunchy little rolls. What a delight for our taste buds! Mr. Schick invited us to head to the next spot, where a supplier from Neuchâtel presented us his products with great pride, hams and sausages, a very tasty and fragrant set. We join the last spot, and we headed back to the cold area, in the organic vegetable section, where two tests were waiting for us. The first one consisted in putting the certification degrees back in the right order. As for the other, twice three dishes of vegetables were served, and we had to guess which ones were organic and which were not. Olivia Grebler was the person designated for the certifications and it was with a big smile and a lot of humility that she executed herself and put them in the right order. After that, everyone went to the vegetables stand and we came to the same conclusion about what was organic or not.


Mr. Schick, while accompanying us to the point of departure, asked us what had been our experience through all these products, we just discovered one after the other this afternoon. We were all very happy to have been able to travel through this quality range and to know its origins, through passionate people about their work.

Arriving at our departure point, a wonderful menu was waiting for us, taking up a good part of the products presented during the afternoon and highlighted through each dish. We shared these different experiences with other restaurateurs present in the other groups, such as the Glion Hotel School and the TradiSwiss restaurant chain, as well as the various buyers, managers and directors, before thanking our hosts for this wonderful invitation in the Prodega market.