We are pleased to present to you hereafter reCIRCLE – the smart packaging for take-out offers.

Why ?

To do good for the environment, retain your customers and reduce your costs.

How to do ?

It’s easy: Your customers pay 10 francs for the reCIRCLE BOX, they can keep it for as long as they want or return it to one of some 1,300 partners.

Why does the calculation work in all cases?

Because reusable dishes are generally cheaper than disposable packaging. And because it means your customers will come back to you soon – again and again.

Test reCIRCLE for 3 months without obligation!

Thanks to the partnership between EcoCook and reCIRCLE, you can benefit from a reduction of 50 francs on the non-binding test phase and pay only 100 francs. In return, reCIRCLE will send you communication material and 20 boxes. Moreover, these boxes are made in Switzerland. Climate neutrality, of course.