EcoCook® is the program and certificate of excellence and sustainable practices for the food industry.

As it has become necessary to include sustainable development in the food industry, the firm Biolia and its team have developed a unique, comprehensive program on an international scale. That is: EcoCook®, a certificate for implementing, promoting and guaranteeing excellence and sustainable practices. The first establishment to adopt this innovative solution and which has obtained the certificate is La Pinte Vaudoise, the GastroVaud restaurant-school.

The food sector, and to a lesser degree, the professional and home food industry, significantly add to global warming. For this reason, the start-up Biolia, focused on searching for sustainable solutions for the food industry, has developed EcoCook®, an innovative concept that is easy to implement. This program, which includes a certificate, ensures and improves the efforts made and leads to efficient management in any establishment. This is reflected in reduced operating costs. Without a doubt, EcoCook® is a tool designed for users and the environment.



EcoCook®, a continuous improvement and communication tool

  • Its goals: comprehensive performance in sustainable management, guaranteeing and promoting sustainable practices, promoting responsible production and consumption systems, reducing costs (60% in energy; 15% in water, and 30% in waste)
  • It is effective at the operational and management levels and involves all parties. It places communication at the heart of its program because it is not only a valuation tool, but also a tool for making all the agents aware: producers, sous-chefs, chefs and consumers/clients.
  • Its certification requirements/actions/criteria are defined by precise, feasible and specific actions (food and beverage, water and energy, waste, social responsibility, etc.).
  • It includes an initial audit, a diagnosis of existing commitments and paths for improvement and optimization, the definition of new relevant goals and ways to apply them. Complete support is also offered in situ, and software is provided, as well as an online platform for self-assessment and continuous improvement, which feeds a whole series of tools that allow restaurateurs to communicate the targets they have reached.
  • EcoCook® is controlled and awarded by an independent verifying and certifying body, which adds its own credibility.
  • How much does it cost? In Switzerland, the 3-year cycle costs between 200 and 500 Swiss Francs per month, depending on the size of the organization. The program also has a variable cost, equivalent to 50% of the savings made.
  • Strong points: a simple, centralized concept; comprehensive action; comprehensive, personalized support with the help of specialists from the sector; recognition from the verifying body (ProCert); its applicability; the integration of new communication technologies; guaranteeing quality and traceability; allowing EcoCook® clients to stand out amongst their competition and become examples to follow. The Michellin star of sustainability.

First “officially” sustainable establishment: La Pinte Vaudoise, part of GastroVaud

For GastroVaud (the Association representing 1600 cafés, restaurants and hotels in the region of Vaud), sustainability is one of its fundamental values. Attracted by the concept, it has successfully implemented the program in its training restaurant, which is now the first to obtain the EcoCook® certificate. La Pinte Vaudoise has therefore become a guarantee of excellence and sustainable practices.

Three of the GastroVaud agents most involved in implementing EcoCook® have taken part in the press release, sharing their experiences and opinions: Estèle Geiger, project leader and member of the GastroVaud management team; José Bory, Director of the Restaurant; and Gaël Brandy, the restaurant’s top chef at the La Pinte Vaudoise restaurant.

L’École Hôtelière de Genève has also taken part in the event, with Emmanuel Douillet, head of sustainable development at the school.

To round off, it is worth highlighting that, taking into account the benefits of EcoCook®, GastroVaud intends to recommend the implementation of the program to its 1600 members. And it will support the first members who decide to implement the certification.

For its part, the team at Biolia/EcoCook® is now in contact with about one hundred companies who have been introduced to the concept, and to date it has carried out forty initial audits.

For further information on this press conference, please go to the complementary post published on our website: Annexes au communiqué de presse


Olivia Grebler and Biolia, founder, CEO EcoCook®, Chemist, Environmental Engineer, Dipl. EPFL

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