A promising Sustainable Restaurant Certificate

March 16th 2016


LABEL In order to respond to the challenges associated with food, traceability and energy consumption in this sector, a young business woman from Vaud has created EcoCook®, a program and certificate aimed at the food industry. GastroVaud was attracted by the idea and it has tested the label, adopted it and is now recommending it to its members.

Once implemented and verified by an independent body, the restaurateurs obtain the EcoCook® certificate and reach their goals of sustainable development. Thanks to the simple every day actions, the EcoCook® program reduces energy-related costs by 20 to 60%, water by 15% and waste by 30%. It gives equal value to the involvement of the restaurateur, who also becomes a model to follow.

The initial audit and diagnosis are free, and the reductions are planned for the first establishments to register on the program.

Visit us at www.ecocook.com

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