Dear « EcoCook-Angels, Partners, and Friends »,

Following the launch of our first Corporate video in June, we are extremely happy to share some wonderful news with you.

As you know, sustainability has an important role in Swiss public tenders. In this context, in order to assess the contribution of bidders to sustainable development, a questionnaire (Annex Q5) and a scoring method have been developed (Annex T5) and appear in the Guide Romand pour les marchés publics.

Depending on the result, companies score between 0 and 5 for this sustainability section.

In this process, companies can assert their certifications.

We are pleased to announce that from now on, companies having acquired EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification level 2 or higher systematically obtain 5/5 in the evaluation of their application in public calls for tenders in French-speaking Switzerland if this criterion appears in the call for tenders (annex T5).

Find out all the information in the new version of the
« Guide Romand pour les marchés publics »
(annexes Q5 et T5).

We have worked very hard since the launch of the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certification in 2015, and today we are extremely proud of this distinction. We are of course also very happy for all the people and organizations who have trusted us from the beginning and who deserve this recognition.

We would like to thank the EcoParc association as well as the Conférence romande des marchés publics and the State of Vaud for their interest and collaboration, as well as for all the constructive discussions we shared.

We are delighted with the results that we are certain will be very positive. First, because catering services are increasingly supported by the organizations that host them in these proceedings. Second, because consumers, restaurateurs, organizations, and public and private institutions now have the option of having a sustainable dining. And last but not least, it is everyone’s responsibility to support such initiatives.

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EcoCook team