The TOM Café, at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne obtained the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Level 4 (v2017) certification in November 2018, showing its commitment to sustainable development. As EcoCook certification is valid for three years, in February 2022, the TOM Café renewed its certification (v2020) and commitments.

Located on the top floor of the Olympic Museum, the TOM Café restaurant is distinguished by its terrace, one of the most beautiful in Lausanne, from which visitors can admire Lake Geneva and the Alps.  The TOM Café stands out for its cuisine and its refined dishes prepared by its Chef according to the seasons, its weekend brunch, as well as its spaces dedicated to corporate events.

As for the Olympic Museum, its vocation is to help people discover the Olympic Movement, to bear witness to its contribution to society and to transmit Olympic values beyond the celebration of the Games and competitions. It promotes dialogue between Olympism and the public through a variety of activities aimed at raising awareness of the heritage of the Olympic Games.

EcoCook® is the first and only Swiss certification in the catering sector that recognises the sustainable practices of a restaurant on all levels. For consumers, EcoCook® is above all a guarantee of these practices and commitments to sustainability.

The EcoCook® team, composed of experts in sustainability, certification and communication, has developed the “Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program”, which allows restaurant owners to:

  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their environmental impact
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Differentiate themselves

Discover below the results of the certification (v2020).

The online platform of the EcoCook® Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program’s provides a global overview of the sustainability level of each restaurant at any given time. Shown above are TOM Café’s scores (unit: EcoCookpoints v2020).

The TOM Café restaurant meets a large number of sustainability criteria, which is why it has achieved the certification level 4 (v2020), although there is room for improvement in each area of certification. Note that since TOM Café’s initial certification in 2018, the EcoCook program has grown to include three additional levels of certification.

Below is an overview of the good practices and commitments of this restaurant.

Food and beverages, menus and cooking

  • The TOM Café excludes endangered species and genetically modified organisms.

  • Pascal Beaud’huin, Chef of the TOM Café restaurant certified Ecocook Sustainable Restaurant, favours fresh and seasonal products (56% of the food purchased is fresh and at least 63% of the fruit and vegetables are in season). In addition, 80% of the food products are raw.

  • The menu favours dishes based on fresh products and cooked in a healthy way, without additives or flavour enhancers.

  • 70% of food products purchased annually are of plant origin.

  • 45% of the food on offer is vegetarian, including all services.

  • A program to reduce the environmental impact of food purchases and menus has been defined, including an increase in the proportion of MSC/ASC-labeled fish and seafood, organic products, etc.

Communication et Responsabilité sociale

Communication and social responsibility

  • The TOM Café guarantees the quality, traceability and transparency of its supplies with a summary table available on its website

  • Its customers are informed about potentially allergenic products

  • The TOM Café goes beyond the regulatory requirements concerning food hygiene

  • The TOM Café is committed to involving suppliers, employees and management in its sustainability objectives.

  • Employees have benefited from awareness-raising sessions and training in good sustainable practices!

  • Environmental awareness activities are organized, especially for the protection of bees and biodiversity, as the Olympic Museum has beehives in its park.

  • The TOM Café is committed to gender equality, work/life balance and encourages the practice of sports by its staff.

Ressources, Produits et matériaux

Resources, products and materials

  • TOM Café is implementing various measures to reduce its energy and water consumption such as: LED lighting, high efficiency appliances, precise monitoring of consumption and employee awareness.

  • It has several on-site renewable energy sources (solar panels and lake water) and its electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

  • It favours biodegradable cleaning products with a recognised eco-label. 87% of cleaning products are certified ecological.

  • In order to reduce CO2 emissions from transport, the restaurant has electric vans and bicycle parking.

  • As part of the IOC’s commitment to making a positive contribution to the climate, the TOM Café’s CO2 emissions are measured annually and are subject to a reduction and compensation program.

Déchets, Compensations et donations

Waste, compensations and donations

  • The TOM Café is committed to controlling and reducing the amount of waste generated by limiting food waste and single-use packaging.

  • It ensures that as much of its waste as possible is recycled, including food waste which is recycled into biogas and compost.
  • The TOM Café is now working with reCIRCLE to reduce waste from single-use packaging.

  • It offsets more than the carbon emissions of its activities and purchases.