We are going through difficult times, the current situation is complex and delicate. But we also believe this is a wonderful opportunity to start again with good sustainable practices and healthy cooking. We need to start living and acting both individually and collectively differently.

That is why we present you the EcoCook video where we project our mission. We hope you like it and that you join the sustainable restaurant movement now that we need it more than ever.

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TOM Cafe – Lausanne Olympic Museum

Restaurant TOM Café au Musée Olympique de Lausanne

Chef Pascal Beaud’huin, from the TOM Café restaurant at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, is an excellent example of a restaurateur committed to sustainability

“ The EcoCook label seemed to be a good way to make progress in this area, and to have a recognition of existing best practices. (…) Most of the customers are sensitive to this initiative. The acquisition of the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Certification is therefore very positive because we can show that we, too, are sensitive to these ecological values.”



Our mission is three fold:

  • Reduce the environmental and social impact of restaurants by providing tailor-made training and advisory services.
  • Recognize sustainable restaurants thanks to the EcoCook certification.
  • Encourage consumers to favor sustainable restaurants, showing them which restaurants are sustainable and their level of sustainability through digital and on-site communication.

To achieve this mission, we have a very clear vision to achieve it:

A catering industry with positive impact that generates wealth through its activity:

  • It improves people’s health.
  • Increases biodiversity.
  • Produces natural resources.
  • Reduces waste from the environment.

Thanks to the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant consulting and certification program, restaurants and their associated organizations can:

  • Capitalize their commitments
  • Improve their practices
  • Reduce their costs
  • Reduce the environmental and social impacts of their restaurant
  • Meet consumer expectations

To obtain the certification, restaurants must for example:

  • Cook in a healthy way, with local, seasonal and if possible organic products.
  • Minimize the consumption of water, energy and waste generated.

According to Olivia Grebler, CEO of EcoCook:

“we have the tool to successfully transform our production and consumption system into a sustainable one. It is a tailor-made approach, specific for the catering sector, covering all potential challenges in terms of sustainability, available online or on-site, so that any type of restaurant, regardless of where it is, can have a follow-up of its improvement and certification.”

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