The concept of “sustainability” was born in the 1990s. It aims to reconcile economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Food is the sector with the greatest impact on our environment: 28% compared to mobility and construction. On the other hand, our society has to deal with many health issues associated with poor nutrition, poor working conditions, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, with 40% of the population overweight and more than 20% suffering from stress.

The good news is that foodservice industry is in a key position to positively influence these environmental and social issues.

In this context, Olivia Grebler, an expert in sustainable certification and passionate about restaurants, noticed that there was no specific sustainable certification support and consultancy office for the foodservice industry and founded Biolia Sàrl in 2013. Biolia accompanies restaurant owners throughout their eco-labelling process through its EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certification program. In 2015 La Pinte Vaudoise of GastroVaud obtained the first EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant certificate.

Through the EcoCook® certification program, restaurateurs, as well as the organizations that host them, enhance their commitments, improve their practices, reduce their costs as well as the environmental and social impacts of their restaurant and meet current consumer expectations.

It is a tailor-made approach, available online or on site, allowing any restaurateur, wherever they are, to have a personalized improvement and certification follow-up adapted to their resources and needs.

The EcoCook certification has 7 levels, depending on the sustainability level of the restaurateur. Sustainability training is one of the certification criteria.

Nowadays, more than 50 organizations have joined the EcoCook Sustainable Restaurant Program in Switzerland and Europe.

The EcoCook certification is recognized by the Swiss Romande Conference for Public Tenders and is part of the sustainability strategy of Switzerland Tourism.

About EcoCook :

In this context, Eureka*formation, Ritzy*formation continue and the GastroFribourg association are collaborating with Olivia Grebler to offer you a sustainability course designed exclusively for the restoration sector.

If sustainability is an area of interest to you, please feel free to take part in the next training offered by each of these organizations.


The mission of EcoCook :

EcoCook’s mission is to reduce the environmental and social impacts of restaurants by offering tailor-made consulting and training services.

  • Recognize sustainable restaurants through EcoCook certification.
  • Raise consumer awareness and motivate consumers to favour sustainable restaurants through digital and on-site communication.

Olivia Grebler

  • Chemist and environmental engineer.
  • Of Swiss origin, born in Barcelona, with an international background.
  • Olivia is a member of the “Lausanne Montreux Congress Sustainability Taskforce”, “sustainable construction” working groups for the “Feeding Yourself” theme promoted by the Department of Finance and Foreign Affairs.
  • At the international level, Olivia took part in the revision of the Global Destination Sustainability Index.


  • In Switzerland, training has been offered to restaurateurs in Neuchâtel, Valais and Fribourg since 2019 and will continue to be offered in 2021.


Biolia Sarl :

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