When the food industry turns organic

March 4th 2016

It is called EcoCook, the new tool aimed at the food industry. Its philosophy is to achieve a 20 to 60% reduction in water consumption costs, guaranteeing sustainable practices on every operational and management level.

Consumers are increasingly more sensitive to sustainable development, and product quality and traceability.

With the EcoCook program, the hotel and food industry has a tool which allows them to fulfil client requirements, make savings and o obtaining real benefits in terms of corporate image.

Did you say EcoCook?

The EcoCook program was created as a verification by Olivia Grebler. This young woman has two Master degrees: one in Chemistry and one in Environmental Science, and in 2013 she created Biolia, the start-up dedicated to looking for sustainable solutions in the food industry. According to her, this sector consumes a lot of energy and adds to global warming. However, this situation can be improved with EcoCook, a certificate based on easily implementing between 150 and 200 actions. These actions/criteria affect all areas of the food industry; FOOD AND BEVERAGE: by selecting proximity products, avoiding genetically modified organisms and animal and plant species in danger of extinction; MENUS & COOKING: proposing balanced, varied dishes, using healthy cooking methods; WASTE: using reusable bags and flatware. Finally, it also awards companies that choose to make food or economic donations and which take part in charitable projects.

“It is not about changing everything, it has to be feasible”, the young business woman explains, and adds: “It’s a win-win situation, in all respects: reducing energy consumption between 20% and 60%, using less water, generating less waste and increasing corporate social responsibility”.

The certification program consists of four levels and all restaurateurs choose according to their own targets and specific establishment offer. Following the control by the independent verifying body, ProCert, restaurateurs obtain the certificate, which adds credibility and professionalism.

It is worth indicating that the restaurateur is not left alone facing a set of standards and criteria to fulfil: label implementation in the organization is advised and guided by a coach, simplifying the organization’s task. Also, for those who decide to join the certification program, EcoCook will provide a 2.0 software for self-assessment and continuous progress.

This program has been applied successfully in La Pinte Vaudoise, the training restaurant of GastroVaud (the gastronomic institution representing 1600 restaurants), which was certified in 2015. The Gilles Desplanches Group restaurant has also been certified, and recently the gastronomical restaurant Vieux-Bois, of the École Hôtelière de Genève has started the process.

Finally, it is worth highlighting that there will be a 50% discount for the first five restaurants to announce they are joining the program; afterwards, a 15% discount for the first level of certification, 20% for the second level, and 30% for the third level will be applied.

Lionel Marquis
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