About us, EcoCook Angels

« We are a young and dynamic team, passionate about the food and catering world, with a sense of a common mission. We all feel the need to be actively involved in a professional project that contributes positively to:

  • Environmental and ecosystems protection
  • Respect for animals
  • People’s health and healthy lifestyles
  • Responsible food production and sustainable management systems

All this, exclusively in and for the food service sector.

We recognize that the problem our food system faces is complex and urgent. We believe that every meal served has not only to taste good, but also do good. By providing consulting services, training, analysis and evaluations to restaurants, we help make this happen.

We offer solutions and action plans that not only reduce operational costs, but also reduce the associated environmental impacts, and improve employees and consumers health.

We work with responsible, visionary, and ambitious companies, which share our mission and see it as an opportunity to do more, better than just “feed”.

We collaborate with chefs, restaurateurs, merchants, foodies and influencers to prepare, you guessed it right, sustainable meals.

We are calling on all restaurateurs, consumers, and suppliers to join the EcoCook movement. The EcoCook community exists online and offline to connect people who share our values, and want to implement a sustainable food system and promote it for people’s health and the planet’s.”

Our partners